General Judging & Buyer Information

Welcome Judges & Buyers! 

Thanks for volunteering your time to be a GBSC Judge. Please follow the steps below.

STEP 1:  Register to become a Judge by visiting the “judge registration” form found under REGISTRATION.

Please select ALL the time slots you are available to judge. We hope you can volunteer in more than one time slot.

  •  Thursday, March 9 (English):
    • 9:15AM-12:00PM
    • 2:00PM-4:05PM
    • 5:30PM-7:00PM
  • Friday, March 10 (Spanish): 
    • 9:15AM-12:00PM
    • 2:00PM-4:05PM
    • 5:30PM-7:00PM
  • Saturday, March 11 (English & Spanish): 
    • 8:30AM-11:30AM

*All Judges must complete the judge registration form no later than March 3*

STEP 2: Register your vehicle for parking on campus.

Please use the following link: CLICK HERE 

*Parking for this event will be located in Parking Lot 9 or Parking Garage 3 in any blue spots labeled “faculty/staff or in any blank white spots. Please do not park in any white spots labeled “admin”. Visit the “Driving & Parking Logistics” page for more details.

STEP 3: Watch the “Judging Guidelines” found under the Judges & Buyers tab to gain more information on what the role of a judge entails.

STEP 4: View the “Judging Score Sheet Example”. This will resemble the scoring sheet you will fill out as a Judge while viewing a competitors role play.

Judge Score Sheet Round 1 English

Judge Score Sheet Round 1 Spanish

Judge Score Sheet Round 2 English

Judge Score Sheet Round 2 Spanish

Judge Score Sheet Round 3 English

Judge Score Sheet Round 3 Spanish

Judging Sheet Sample

If you have any questions, please email Stephanie, our Sales Program Coordinator, or call our office at (305)348-0694.

Thank you & we look forward to seeing you!