General Information

STEP 1: Register for GBSC 2017 and complete your registration no later than Friday,February 10 by 5:00PM .

STEP 2: Sign up for ONE  of the following Orientation Sessions no later than Monday, February 6 by 5:00PM.


To speak to someone in regards to the Orientation Sessions, please call our office at (305)348-0694.

*Please note: It is mandatory for FIU competitors to attend at least ONE Orientation Session to compete*

STEP 3: Send an updated resume in PDF format to no later than Monday, February 10, by 5:00 PM.

STEP 4: Get ready for the competition

  1. Review competition agenda under the “Agenda & Logistics” tab
  2. Review all product materials under the “Competitors” tab on the “Product Information” page
  3. Read role play scenarios for Round 1 in English and Spanish and review example Role Play Videos under the “Competitors” tab on the “Role Play Materials” page
  4. Plan, prepare and practice!

Take time to review the companies who are sponsoring this event. Be sure to access the “Sponsors” tab.

STEP 5: Attend the GBSC Sales Career Fiesta on Wednesday, March 8,  between 10AM – 4PM and bring your updated resume. All competitors are required to attend the event. For more details, please view the “Sales Career Fiesta” page.

STEP 6: Review the GBSC Competitor Schedule for English & Spanish Round 1 . This document will inform you when you are scheduled for your GBSC role play.

If you have any questions please contact our Graduate Assistant, Shelley Baeza via email or by phone at (305)348-0694