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FIU Global Sales at Florida International University prides itself in preparing students to excel in a diverse business environment. We are excited about our Global Bilingual Sales Competition (FIU-GBSC) on March 8 – 11, 2017. We are collaborating with a selected group of national and international universities, and global organizations for this dynamic, global sales initiative.

The FIU-GBSC is the only sales competition of its kind in the world, bringing student competitors from across the globe to compete in both English and Spanish. The need for bilingual sales representatives, key account managers, and sales managers by local, national, and worldwide organizations is rapidly increasing. Our vision is that the FIU-GBSC serves as a venue for Spanish-English bilingual students and educators who want to invest in developing a global salesforce.

For this event, we are seeking universities from the U.S. and abroad, which have students speaking both English and Spanish. Each university can have up to five (5) student competitors, so this is on a first come, first-serve basis. The limit for the total number of competitors is 60 students.

The competition consists of simulated role plays in which students will sell to a buyer from a global organization. Students must be prepared to conduct sales calls in 1) English-only, 2) Spanish-only, and 3) English-Spanish. The judging will be done by representatives from global organizations as well as faculty teaching sales courses.

The role plays will be conducted in FIU’s Global Sales Lab, housing 12 Sales Training Rooms equipped with recording capabilities. Judges and qualifying competition sponsors will be able to watch the role plays live through video streaming. Competitors, universities, and qualifying sponsors will also be able to access videos for educational and training purposes.